Treat Yourself

Bold & Brilliant
starting at $599

Kör Whitening

Ready to amp up your smile’s wattage? Our custom take home trays, in office whitening, and maintenance gel treatments allow you to brighten your smile in the way that suits your needs and lifestyle. This specific plan includes both take home and in office treatments. These treatments work great for patients who have grey-ish teeth and tetracycline stained teeth (hard to whiten teeth).

Brighten Up

Take-Home Whitening

Let’s boost those beams! Take-home whitening allows you to erase pesky stains and brighten your teeth with a set of reusable custom-fitted trays. The best part? You get to brighten your grin, all in the comfort of your own home.

Take-home whitening is also a more gradual and gentle process, which makes it a fantastic option for patients with sensitive teeth, or those who want a more subtle, gradual change in their smile.

Brush Up

Feel Your Best With a Cleaning

Got a big interview or an exciting date coming up? We’ll help you look and feel your best with a refreshing cleaning! Our team will make sure to polish any stains to keep those pearly whites poppin’!


Tooth Jewelry

You adorn jewelry on your ears, neck, hands, and more… so why not on your teeth? With our wide variety of glittery tooth gems, our team can help you rock some bling on your beams!

Luxe Lounge
starting at $300 pp

Rent & Whiten

Looking to whiten your smile with your bestie or group of friends? Rent out our whitening lounge for an experience that will leave you glowing from the inside out! Sit back in our comfortable recliner chairs, enjoy our Bluetooth speakers, and sip on champagne, white wine, and seltzers while you wait. Our KöR in-office whitening can brighten your grin by multiple shades in a single visit!

Luxe Lounge